January 03, 2023

TrustGuru Tech - Phishing Recognition Training Tool

TrustGuru Tech - Phishing Recognition Training Tool

Considering the challenges of storing malicious messages along with private data for small and SMEs, the TrustGuru team started developing a product - TrustGuru Tech. Together with its Norwegian partners, Secure Practice, who have extensive experience in cybersecurity training and simulated phishing attack services. The complexity of protecting personal data, the GDPR with the extremely wide range of responsibilities, and the lack of skills and knowledge in protecting private data, identifying and protecting against phishing attacks lead to direct and indirect losses from the attacks and the potentially heavy fines for breaches of the GDPR due to the disclosure of personal data. This is a growing problem horizontally across all industries, countries, and organizations, but recently it has become particularly pronounced in the SME segment, which does not have either nationally regulated security measures or sufficient resources and expertise to protect data (especially when compared to large businesses).

"Trustguru Tech" is an AI-powered intelligent cybersecurity training tool based on data augmentation for training phishing email templates and dynamic email generation features. The essential function is the generation of phishing emails for training purposes. Features include analysis of private data storage and accumulation, focus on personal data protection, analytics of public data, and notifications of breached users.

"Trustguru Tech" will be an additional functionality of the Trustguru system that will support the company's target customers in the implementation of GDPR technical and organizational compliance. The core of the project is to develop an educational cyber security tool that will not only expand Trustguru's portfolio of services by offering comprehensive GDPR compliance but also apply the latest speech recognition technologies that have a competitive advantage over other phishing message simulation tools on the market.

The research will aim to improve a method to dynamically augment phishing templates with real-life text to create convincing and realistic messages to the recipient. Other static phishing training templates can be easily identified with little or no context to the recipient. The advantage and value for users of our developing technology will be the personalization of such messages according to the recipient's profile. The phishing message simulator will increase product users' awareness of cyber-attacks and enable Trustguru's customers better protect themselves against the increasing number of phishing attacks. 
Trustguru is a technological start-up developing automated General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance tools. This product is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) for small and medium-sized medical clinics that do not have the data protection legal competencies to implement GDPR compliance.  
The project is funded by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism Programme 2014-2021 "Business Development, Innovation and SMEs" in the field of Information and Communication Technologies.