July 08, 2022

Information Technologies | „Cybersecurity training tool“

Information Technologies | „Cybersecurity training tool“

Project Operator UAB Trustguru
Project „Cybersecurity training tool“
Project code LT07-1-EIM-02-032
Project funding 189 770,72 Eur
Project partner Secure Practice AS (NO) 

Project summery: 
Businesses in the EU face wide range of responsibilities and the complexity of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Data leaks are on the rise in all industries and organisations. However, it has recently become a common problem in the SME segment. The support from the government is not enough, and there is a lack of sufficient resources and expertise in small and medium organizations to protect data. Failing integration of quality and efficient technological solutions empowered "Trustguru" to develop a cybersecurity training tool to help identify phishing emails and educate the public about the security of personal data.

project goals:

  • Develop a cybersecurity training tool that helps to learn to identify phishing emails.;
  • Provide service in the SME segment, contributing to the development of businesses and educating on the security of personal data.